JASIL OILFIELD MARINE AND INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES CO Offers Adapter & Spacer Spools as per API 6A Specification & according to the customer requirement in reference to size and length. These items are supplied with full material traceability and necessary documents


JASIL OILFIELD MARINE AND INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES CO supply Air-operated thread protector’s offer safe, reliable casing and tubing Pin-end protection. The working principle of the Air protectors is based on pressurization by rig air (72 to 130PSI, or 5 to 9 bar) with the help of Air Gun, ensuring easy installation and reliable protection for all API standard and premium threads.


JASIL OILFIELD MARINE AND INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES CO manufactures different sizes of Casing Bushing in Models Solid & Split type for inserting tubular directly into Rotary Tables for a range of 17½” to 37½” and accommodates casing size from 2-3/8” to 30” in a diameter with the help of required size of Insert Bowls. Insert Bowls available in different sizes to lower the required sizes of Casing Pipe. It is easily fitted into the Rotary Table at the time of lowering the Casing Pipes in well hole & it helps to make casing in centre of the hole during Drilling Operations.


JASIL OILFIELD MARINE AND INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES CO Casing Slips are made out of best quality of alloy steel having an API taper of 4 inch per feet on the diameter, fitted with circular buttons and with 3 to 4 Nos of up right handles. Multi Segment design of slips ensure self centering of casings in the rotary table. Slips insert are so designed that these hold the casing pipe firmly with-out causing any damage. The advantage of multi segment design lies in the fact that by simply increasing or decreasing the number of slip segments, casing sizes from 5 inch to 30 inch OD can be handled with ease while dressing the slip with appropriate size of insert.


JASIL OILFIELD MARINE AND INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES CO manufactured “Drill Pipe/Drill Collar Spinner” is the best replacement of the spinning rope (or chain). It is applied for the mechanized spinning operation. The applicable range of pipe diameter is wide, and it can be quickly & arbitrary adjusted whenever necessary by changing the rollers. There are two configurations for clamping apparatus: air tyre and air cylinder. It is suitable for working temperature range of -6° C to 55° C. It is suitable for Drill Pipe / Drill Collar Size of 2-7/8” to 5½”. JASIL OILFIELD MARINE AND INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES CO Pipe Spinners are durable, easy to use and designed for safety and longevity. The compact designs are self- contained, requiring no dedicated power source.

Powerful air Motor (Motor does not contain vane spring or push pins).Air Cylinder sub assembly, Door valve, throttle valve.Drive Roller, pressure roller & Roller arm sub-assembly.

Hanger Assembly (Metallic hanger, safety chain shackle, leveling screw, D shackle 2 Nos.)Air Line Assembly (Supply line 1¼”, 200 psi (min. b.p.) 50 ft length, Air Lubricator,filter, regulator and gauge).Muffler to Reduce the noise.


JASIL OILFIELD MARINE AND INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES CO Drill Pipe Protectors are made of Nitrile Rubber having hardness 70 ± 50 duro with spring Steel Insert and Tapered Lock Pin Design for high abrasion, wear and tear and oil resistance. Split-Fluted Drill Pipe / Casing Protector are best suited for applications where there are high circulations of mud. In fluted design the OD of the protectors are bigger hence making it more shock absorbing and the fluted space on the outer surface of the protectors helps the mud to pass through the protectors easily.


JASIL OILFIELD MARINE AND INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES CO manufactured “EZY Torque Hydraulic Cat Head” is specially designed to provide an accurate, smooth, constantaly increasing make-up and break out joint at rotary table, in a torque range of 40,000 to 1,50,000 ft-lbs. JASIL OILFIELD MARINE AND INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES CO “EZY Torque Hydraulic Cat Head” are available to fit individual rig rquirements and operation parameters, it is powered by an independent power source. The power unit can be controlled form a convenient location on the rig with a remote control module, it features a lever actuated control valve, pressure gauge, and a pilot relief valve to provide pressure operation and regulation. Using high grade petroleum base hydraulic fluid.

Self-contained unit with hydraulic power & control unit suitable for safe operation.Precise pressure control enables continuous makeup capbilityHydraulic operation of remote control module eliminates electrical hazards.Simple hydraulic circuit ensures trouble – free performanceUtilizes construction ensures durability.Angle Between pull line & torque arm is 90°.Positive displacement, tande pump provides efficient, steady hydraulic energy.


JASIL OILFIELD MARINE AND INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES CO manufactured Pneumatic Power Slip is a fully automatic, remote controlled, air operated system for the setting and releasing of drill pipe slips for 3-1/2″ to 5-1/2″ drill pipe. The PPS can accommodate 6-5/8″ drill pipe, but only as a tripping tool. The PPS eliminates the difficult and sometimes dangerous job of hand setting and lifting of Drill Pipe Slips. The Pneumatic Power Slips can be controlled by either a hand or foot operated remote control valve. The Power slips are set by gravity and released by applied air pressure. The Power Slips is designed to fit into 27-1/2″ and 37-1/2″ to 49-1/2″ Rotary Tables equipped with Pin Drive Master Bushings. JASIL OILFIELD MARINE AND INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES CO manufactured Pneumatic Power Slips are non Rotating equipment.


JASIL OILFIELD MARINE AND INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES CO offer a complete range of hammer unions in standard and sour service. Hammer unions are commonly used in oilfield industry to seal two pieces of pipe or hose together and connected by threads or welds. They are high-pressure threaded or welded connections with two halves, a threaded female half and a wing male half with swivel nut that fit together and seal upon turning and then hammering the nut half together with the threaded half. To fit different sizes of pipe or hose, corresponding types of hammer unions are designed. In most cases, they come in sizes from 1″ up to 10″ and in pressures from 1,000 psi up to 15,000 psi. We distinguish pressure ratings with different colours. Below is the chart for complete pressure rating and colour codes for each high-pressure hammer union available.


JASIL OILFIELD MARINE AND INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES CO offers a wide range of Cast Steel Thread Protectors with lifting bails from quality steel castings in conformity with ASTM A27 Grade 60-30. They are heat treated to give 60,000 psi Tensile Strength and 30,000 psi Yield Strength and are furnished with heavy duty bails suitable for picking up and laying down drill collars, drill pipes. Threads and Shoulders are precision machined to API Standard. Lifting Bails are Cast Steel Thread Protectors with Lifting Bails ranging from 2-3/8” to 8-5/8” with REG, IF, FH, XH, H-90 and NC connections.


JASIL OILFIELD MARINE AND INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES CO manufactures Hydraulic and Pneumatic operated Mud Buckets; size 6 Ft long suitable for 2-7/8”to 5-7/8 & 2- 7/8”to 6-5/8” tubular that replace the manually operated Mud Bucket. Bucket opening & closing operated by Hydraulic or Pneumatic, also provided self locking system for safety at the time of operation. The extension arm enables extension and retraction of bucket between parked position and the well centre through Hydraulic or Pneumatic operation. When the mud has been drained from the bucket, with the help of operating lever the bucket clamps off and the extension arm retracts the bucket in parked position. Hydraulic/Air operated Mud Bucket is an innovative mud bucket, designed for 100% drilling fluid recovery, it improves Drilling operations safely by preventing slick floors that eliminates the chances of slipping accidents on Rig Floors and also reduces crew clean-up time and cuts wash-water disposal volumes. JASIL OILFIELD MARINE AND INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES CO manufactured Mud Buckets are designed to increase safety, to improve working environment and better retention of expensive drilling fluids results in significant cost savings.


JASIL OILFIELD MARINE AND INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES CO Manufactures Mud Bucket are made in Three models: MG-3’, MG-6’ and MG-6’L. Our mud guards are cost effective as it saves the loss of expensive drilling fluid and reduces the labour for rig floor wash as well as eliminates the chances of slipping accidents due to slippery rig floors. The MG-6’ is 6’ x 10-¾” and can handle drill pipe sizes from 2-3/8” to 5½”. The MG- 6’L is 6’ x 16”, it’s larger cavity is designed for drill pipe sizes from 2-3/8” to 6-5/8” and can handle larger volumes of line fluids. Both models can be supplied with neoprene or nitrile seals.


JASIL OILFIELD MARINE AND INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES CO manufactures Power Slip Lifter in different models, installed with Master Bushing or Casing Bushing that works as a lifter to hold drill pipe slips, drill collar slips or casing slips. Lifter pushes the slip up & down in the Rotary Table to hold and release slips from tubular. It is controlled with the help of a foot valve. The Power Slip Lifter is designed to set more quickly & provide self-centering in Bushings that also avoids mishandlings of tools thus itself increase life of equipments. Slip Lifter is featured with a Lock Assembly to get locked in Master Bushing or Casing Bushing on Rotary Table at the time of operation for the safety of drillers. It reduces man power to handle slips manually that helps in avoiding accidents on rig floor. Power Slip has greatly improved operational efficiency in drilling operations and also increased Safety.


They are made of specially formulated compounds which are tough and have along life. Oil Saver Rubbers are moulded from a special compound of oil, gas and abrasion-resistant rubber for long service life. Oil and other fluids are removed from the wireline and allowed to re-enter the well, which helps prevent potential well-site contamination. Our savers are supplied in different colours viz red, green, blue etc. They are made of hardness ranging from 35° to 55° A.


Stabbing Guides: Model JASIL OILFIELD MARINE AND INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES CO-SG: The Stabbing Guide is for Tubing, Casing & Drill Pipe having spring loaded to closed position by a torsion spring and provided with a pair of hand grip levers to facilitate opening, placement, and removal. Outer Body is manufactured from Stainless Steel and Inner body id manufactured from rigid Black Carbon Nylon. Stabbing Guide is used to prevent damage; during pipe connectors when the male and female connectors for tubing and casing are stabbed during oil or natural gas will drilling and well repairing operations. This stabbing guide is simple in structure sage and reliable, and easy for operation. Available Sizes as under